Watches, Magnets, Onesies & More: Your Complete Freud Holiday Gift Guide

Watches, Magnets, Onesies & More: Your Complete Freud Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve already directed you to several fun holiday gifts for your neurotic psychologically oriented friends and family members: Freudian Slippers, Freudian Sips Mug, Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball and the Freud Action Figure.

The first two come from the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild, which has several other items that I like in its Freudiana section. Just so you know, I combed through dozens of sites, comparing potential gifts featuring the father of psychoanalysis, in order to find the best ones for you. This labor only slightly assuaged my guilt over the fact that I didn’t get these posted in time for Hanukkah.

In addition to the Freudian Slippers, which are my favorites, these are my top five recommendations. They would all would make good stocking suffers…I mean stuffers.

1. Freudian Slips Assorted Sticky Notes($6.50)

According to the site description,

Sigmund Freud might have been a genius, but he wasn’t very organized. He was always missing appointments, losing his keys, and forgetting where he left his lit cigar… Sigmund would have benefited greatly from this set of Freudian Slips Sticky Notes. Each 3 1/4″ X 4 1/4″ booklet contains over 300 sticky notes of assorted shapes and sizes. The largest of the Freudian Slips features Sigmund Freud himself, while another looks like his personal stationery.

And who could fail to appreciate the listing for this product on Amazon? Freudian Freud Slips Sicky Notes.

2. Pink Freud T-Shirt

Dozens of Pink Freud T-shirts are available on line. I had a tough time deciding on a single item, so I chose two sites, one for adults and one for children.

The one pictured above is offered by Solid Gold Bomb ($19.99-$25.99) which has a large selection of styles and (background) colors available.

They do not, however, offer Pink Freud infant bodysuits, organic toddler T-shirts, and other children’s apparel ($11.99-$22.99). You’ll have to turn to the folks at Cafe Press for that:


Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the psychological trauma later incurred by those who discover that they have been clad in Pink Freud onesies.

3. The Mind of Sigmund Freud Watch ($29.95)

Observe the thoughts flitting through Sigmund Freud’s mind — often relating to his mother — throughout the day. It’s a watch that may drive you a bit crazy, but it’s better than the timepiece that only registers 50 minutes, to reflect the therapeutic hour.





4. Time Spent with Cats Is Never Wasted Cocktail Shaker ($24.50)

Freud loved dogs. I’ve provided abundant proof on this blog. He didn’t have a cat. Nevertheless, cat people have used his tossed-off statement that “Time spent with cats is never wasted” to create an industry of items bearing this quote.

You can also purchase TSWCINW ceramic travel mugs (which this link leads you to — persevere until you come to the cocktail shaker), shot glasses, milk bottles, cocktail plates, teapots and more on the Cafe Press site.

5. Set of Freud Refrigerator Magnets ($4.99)

You’ll find abundant Freud refrigerator magnets via Cafe Press and Zazzle, which has my favorite, though I can only link to the Ages of Man that ends up with a therapist’s couch. But the set offered by Amazon cover the basics at a bargain price (so much so that you can toss the one of Freud with a nude woman on his brain if you feel the same way about it as I do):


9 Responses to Watches, Magnets, Onesies & More: Your Complete Freud Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Pup Fan says:

    I’m seriously digging that Pink Freud shirt. You know I love a good pun.
    Pup Fan recently posted..The calmest game of tug o’ war ever?My Profile

  2. Lydia Davis says:

    Very entertaining post, Edie. I was seriously tempted by the watch, which is quite hilarious, then decided it would certainly risk unhingeing whoever wore it. But here’s a conundrum for you: you said many of Freud’s thoughts (on the watch) related to his mother, and yet Mom and Dad both appear and the other thoughts could relate to either or neither–so is this an interesting bias showing up?

    • Edie Jarolim says:

      Well, I’ll admit to being a little sloppy, relying on the whole Freud-and-his-mother-Oedipal stereotype; some of the places that sold the watch used that as copy. No bias, just stereotype.

      I keep forgetting to mention… a while ago I discovered that the sons of a friend of our mutual friend Ellen owns the Unemployed Philosophers Guild. This happened *after* I started promoting their great Freud products, I hasten to add, not before. Of course, you inspired all this by telling me about the Freud action figure.

      • Lydia Davis says:

        How interesting that that company is owned by people who aren’t total strangers! The “sons of a friend of our mutual friend Ellen” reminds me of that very funny post of yours about genealogy and being notified of your relationship to (something like) the mother-in-law of the wife of your third cousin once removed’s ex-wife’s second son, etc.
        Yes, I spotted that Freud action figure on campus when I was walking past the windows of some faculty offices, being nosy as usual. The action figure was on the windowsill. But what did it mean that it was still in its packaging and was never taken out (and I looked in that window every week, all semester)?

        • Edie Jarolim says:

          Yes, small world isn’t it? I actually met this friend — though only once and long ago.

          As for the action figure — I’d say this person is keeping it as a collectible. Action figures of all sorts are worth more money if the packaging is intact. The idea of a Freud action figure collectible seems funny, but why not?

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  4. I have the Freudian Slippers! I got them for my birthday last March. I do love them very much, but I have to tell you–they are not made well at all. I’m wearing them into my 9th month and they are falling apart. The seams on parts of the slipper not even near wear (the top of the toes, Freud’s nose) are all coming undone.

    They are a great collector item, but not particularly great slippers.

    • Edie Jarolim says:

      That must be distressing, Freud’s nose coming undone! Thanks for letting me know. I read somewhere too that the men’s sizes weren’t large enough either. Well, maybe if I do end up getting a pair, because they’re hard to resist, I’ll just save them for my neurotic houseguests…

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