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These family albums currently focus on family members with a strong Vienna connection: My mother’s eight aunts and uncles (whether by marriage or birth) and their children. The Schmerling family was the closest to my mother — see the picture of my mother as a little girl with her cousin Stella Schmerling and Stella’s dog —  and they’ve generously provided a great many photos, much to the benefit of this album.

Ernestine Kornmehl Rosenbaum Family

The only photos I have of my mother and her parents in the early years in Vienna, these not only give a glimpse of a way of life, but tell a bit of a story, though they pose more questions than they answer. It’s clear, for example, that my grandfather, Hermann Rosenbaum, served in World War I and that he sent his brother-in-law, Siegmund Kornmehl (Freud’s butcher), a postcard of himself while he was away. But I wonder: Did Siegmund give the postcard to my grandmother, Ernestine Kornmehl Rosenbaum, as soon as he received it — he was eight years older than my grandfather, which would explain why he stayed behind in Vienna rather than going to war — or did he give it to my mother later on, as a keepsake when she was leaving for America?

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David and Mitzi Kornmehl Family

The only family that I heard about when I was growing up was the Schmerling family. My mother used to talk about her aunt Mitzi and her first cousins Stella, Mimi (Hermine or Herma) and Ditte (Edith). I met all four of them, Mitzi and Stella in Vienna, where they returned after the war, and Mimi and Ditte in London.

Heinrich and Lilly Schmerling Family

My great uncle David Schmerling’s brother, Heinrich, looked quite a bit like him, causing some confusion, but these pictures, provided by Heinrich’s family members, prove they got sorted out.

Kornmehl-Schmerling Family Butcher Shops

There’s a reason that this blog is called Freud’s Butcher. Here are a few of the pictures of the businesses in Freud’s time — as well as of later businesses that continued the tradition.

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  1. Michael Kaplan says:

    What you have gathered is fantastic; Have you been able to find ot anything about your father’s family? I remember your mother (when they returned from their trip to Vienna) that Your father had a brother in England and they spent some time with them. He coveted to Catholicism or married a catholic women to escape the Nazi’s.
    Many weird things occurred @ Ellis Island: My Grandfather (Mother’s side) and his brother had different last names; as a kid I never understood that but finally nagging my father he told me @ Ellis Island they went through 2 different lines and My grandfather became MINK and his brother (different line) was renamed Minkowitz. They were from Minsk Russia. But the Ellis Island employs were from NYC so the nmaes were ‘familair’ to them And neither Ruben (Ruven–my grandfather) spoke English.
    I am currently writing a bio/novel about my Fathers–his 3 brothers AND My Grandmother. She was really something and was always 1 step ahead of them. Fortunately the stories my father and uncles told painted a difficult life BUT rip-roaring Funny. And the Humor DNA passed down to me and my brother.
    I’ll send you a sample chapter and photo of me, my brother and 1st cousins. I still lol @ the knickers she made us wear!

  2. Cambridge. 1950
    Minda nee Brenner remembers irwin
    Now living in Surrey
    Do you remember. Me ??

  3. Elaine Schmerling says:

    Minda, my father Erwin Schmerling passed away December 2009. Were you a classmate of his?

  4. Shantel says:

    Were parents apart of the Kosher Meat Boycott? I am doing a project on it.

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