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A lot of people you are going to talk about here died in the Holocaust. Am I going to be depressed on a regular basis if I subscribe to your blog?
No. That’s not what I plan to dwell on. Why should my relatives be defined by their deaths rather than their lives? Talk about insult to injury.

Anyway, Freud said that depression is repressed anger. I can’t write when I’m depressed, so I’m going to try to tap into my anger about what happened in World War II when I discuss it. And then to deflect the anger with humor, because unfiltered fury isn’t all that interesting.

I know there are people who will be offended when I use humor while referring to the Holocaust and people who died in it. And I’m not even talking about the sick jokes that members of the Children of Survivors of the Holocaust therapy group I was in used to make about lamp shades and soap, just your basic irreverence. If I haven’t annoyed at least a few people, I’m probably being too wishy washy.

In short, you’re more likely to be amused, righteously indignant and, possibly, offended, but not depressed.

Are you ever going to use the term Nazi to describe anything other than the people who brought us the Gestapo — for example, the President of the United States or that guy who makes soup on the Upper West Side in Manhattan?


Are you going to write a book on this topic?


Why are you writing a blog, then?

To figure out what my book will be about. There are so many paths to take; I hope my blog will help me find the right one.

A blog will also give me the freedom to flail around a bit and write about whatever catches my fancy.

And after blogging about dogs at Will My Dog Hate Me for more than three years, I’ve gotten really fond of the conversational aspect of blogging, the reader feedback. It’s another way for a writer to find out what engages a potential book audience and what doesn’t.

Do you accept guest posts?

Yes, but not the spammy “I’ll provide good content to your blog in exchange for back links” kind. I’m in trouble if I can’t generate my own good content. Contributions that fit the subject matter and general tone are welcome, especially from experts in particular areas or great writers or any combination thereof.  Contact me if you’re interested.

Do you accept advertising?

Yes, assuming it’s appropriate, but I can’t imagine what wouldn’t be. For my dog blog, I didn’t accept ads for puppy sellers, electric fences and shock collars. I don’t think anyone will try to advertise shock therapy here — which is back in fashion anyway. I can’t imagine that neo-Nazis and extremist hate groups have a budget for advertising on blogs. If I’m wrong, I promise not to accept their ads.

I should mention that if you buy a book from Amazon by clicking on a book title in one of my posts, I will get a few cents because I am an Amazon Associate. I believe I made $30, total, from Amazon in the three years I blogged about dogs.

I would love to find more affiliate advertising — maybe a nice kosher butcher.

What are your advertising rates?

I haven’t figured out precise numbers, but I can tell you that, right now, they’re a bargain.

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