Funny Freud Friday: Sigmund Freud, Man of Action

Funny Freud Friday: Sigmund Freud, Man of Action

As promised, Funny Freud Friday will become a regular feature of this blog.  I welcome any suggestions for things to be featured, from comical Freud products and Freud comics to amusing things that Freud said.

Freud, the Action Figure

I was alerted to the existence of Freud action figures by my friend Lydia, who has guest posted here; she noticed one in the window of a colleague’s office. I easily found this item on line at a site called Archie McPhee, which carries such novelty products as Absinthe Mints and Gin and Titonic Ice Cube Trays (sorry, I stopped at  “G” because I could see that I was in danger of buying several things — or at least spending way too much time on the site).

The company has some suggestions for what you might do with this 5″ tall figure:

Prop him on your desk or nightstand to inspire you to explore the depths of your unconscious and embrace the symbolism of your dreams. Much cheaper than paying for professional psychoanalysis. Plumb the depths of your id, ego and super-ego. And don’t worry about transference, this analyst is made of plastic! Whether or not you tell him about your mother is entirely up to you.

A Freud Action Figure Film

Or you can get far more creative, as I discovered by doing a quick web search. The following video was uploaded on YouTube in December 2006 by .

I was going to write a short exegesis of Freud’s views on human sexuality to indicate why I thought the music was appropriate and very funny but, really, Dusty does a far better job than I could have, and uses far fewer words:

This is a stop-motion video I made of my Sigmund Freud action figure dancing to Bloodhound Gang’s “The Bad Touch.” For those who don’t know, Sigmund Freud is a very famous psychologist who among many other things proposed that everything we do is so we can reproduce (hence the song choice).

Speaking of the Discovery Channel (which we were if you watched the video) here’s a bonus: A quiz on Freud that the station’s site posted. You should be able to answer question #10 now.

8 Responses to Funny Freud Friday: Sigmund Freud, Man of Action

  1. Freud gettin’ down to the Bloodhound Gang!Awesome sauce!!
    Karen Friesecke recently posted..Daily DIY Pet Pattern – How To Make Glass Etched Dog Treat JarsMy Profile

  2. Lydia Davis says:

    Another enjoyable Funny Freud Friday! Featuring the stiff-jointed dancer who doesn’t crack a smile… whereas we’re learning from your posts that Freud had a lively sense of humor.
    The bonus I got after watching the video was the choice of more videos that included an interesting clip of Freud commenting on religion; and then, at the end of that, another choice of videos that included a brief overview of Freud’s theories that was rather useful as a quick refresher. And it opened with a precious second or two of Freud’s own voice.

    • Edie Jarolim says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes, once you look at a video that interests you on YouTube, it’s very easy to spend a lot of time looking at others on a similar subject. I have gotten lost for a long time that way…This afternoon in fact. I’m trying to identify the dogs in a famous photo of Freud!

  3. Very funny post & video.

    And thanks for the quiz. I got 17 out of 20!

    I guess I must be learning about Freud after all…

    • Edie Jarolim says:

      I got 18 — and I did miss #10, as well as the other question about Freud’s sex life!

      You’ll like an upcoming post (I’m not sure exactly when it’ll turn up). It deals, among other things, with the picture of Freud and two dogs on a balcony that you have on your Lee Charles Kelley website.

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