Funny Freud Friday, Unemployed Philosophers Edition

Funny Freud Friday, Unemployed Philosophers Edition

I’m keeping it simple this week with a single — but superlative — funny Freud item: Freudian Slippers.

This comfy footwear, brought to you by the Unemployed Philosophers Guild, is perfect for people who spend a lot of time around the house: agoraphobes, say, unemployed philosophers…or freelance writers.

Part of the description:

As an extra feature, each slipper has our patented built-in sock tongue! Spending a relaxing Sunday morning in your Freudian Slippers is as satisfying as a breakthrough therapy session – and considerably less expensive.

Slippers that look like the father of psychoanalysis and that stick their tongues out at you…my heart be still! Perhaps I should mention that I have a birthday coming up next week, since at this point it’s mainly my friends and family who read this blog.


5 Responses to Funny Freud Friday, Unemployed Philosophers Edition

  1. Kristine says:

    These are hilarious. I bet the Freudian merchandise line is quite expansive! I look forward to seeing what else you can find.

    Though, I can’t help but wonder what the man himself would have thought of said things.
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    • Edie Jarolim says:

      There are some pretty fun items in store, Kristine! Glad you’re enjoying them. And I hope to prove that Freud had a good sense of humor and, therefore, might not mind… On the other hand, he was not fond of America, and since these items are all American — as far as I know — it might have confirmed his first impression of the U.S.

  2. Laura says:

    I would love to buy a pair of these for my father–he’d enjoy the tongue sticking out feature. Unfortunately I’m not sure “large” covers his 14-inch long feet!

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