Wordless Wednesday: My Great Grandfather

Chaim Heinrich Kornmehl (1842-1913)

Chaim Heinrich Kornmehl (1842-1913); sketch by Ida Forell

Of all the pictures I’ve found or received from various family members in the course of my research, I don’t think any one has moved me quite as much as this sketch of my maternal great grandfather. It’s not only the fact that I viewed for the first time an image of the patriarch of the family of the eight brothers and sisters on whom my research has been focused;  it’s the man himself. He has, as Rita Saffer, the cousin who sent me the picture, put it, “a gentleness in those eyes,” an overall sweetness of expression.

He was a butcher, a trade he passed down to all three of his sons.

Thank you, Rita. It was a wonderful gift.

2 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: My Great Grandfather

  1. Rita Saffer says:

    Thank you Edie for showing up in my life and giving me the chance to share my great grandfather with you – it gives me great pleasure to know that you love that picture as much as I do.

    • Edie Jarolim says:

      It’s been a delight — and I hope a continuing one — to make your acquaintance so belatedly. To immediately get such a lovely gift was a bonus!

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