Live from Vienna….It’s Saturday Night!

Live from Vienna….It’s Saturday Night!

I’ve been in Vienna three days now…wait, make that four. As you may have suspected, none of the dire things I was worried about came to pass.

I got an aisle seat on my overnight flight. I couldn’t sleep anyway, but not because I was worried about climbing over someone to go to the bathroom.

My luggage didn’t get lost.  It’s heavy, but I’m glad I packed all the stuff I did because the weather changes every day.

My CD player died, but I can listen to the books that I loaded on my tablet.

Tafelspitz, Freud's favorite dish

Tafelspitz, Freud’s favorite dish

I was exhausted the first day, but not incapable of speech and if I didn’t make sense everyone I met was too polite to mention it. Of course you can get away with a lot when you’re with people for whom English is a second language. And who knows how many people now believe there’s an odd Arizonan dialect?

I couldn’t figure out how to use the shower at first. I called the front desk. I couldn’t find the electrical outlets in the bathroom (they have little white covers on them, which I thought were decorative). I finally plugged the hotel hairdryer into a lamp and dried my hair blind. Notice that I haven’t posted any selfies.

I’ve gotten lost several times, both while on foot and while on public transportation. Eventually I managed to find my way to my appointments and/or back to my room.

Stuff happened. I panicked. I got over it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’ve been on the go since I arrived — so much so I haven’t had time to sort out my impressions. I”ll just post a few pictures of what I’ve eaten. They need little explanation.


I believe Freud liked this dessert too. I know I did.

Okay, and one peek at where I’ve been spending a bit of time:

Home to the famous butcher shop

Block of the famous butcher shop(s)

To be continued…here or there.

13 Responses to Live from Vienna….It’s Saturday Night!

  1. You’re setting a high standard for communicating while on the road. I’ll try to keep it up when I go on my family history trip to New England in the fall.
    BTW getting lost is one of my favorite ways to see a place.
    Vera Marie Badertscher recently posted..Would I Lie to You?–52 Ancestors:#23 William Cochran and the War of 1812My Profile

    • Edie Jarolim says:

      Well, if I had found the Danube Canal and its restaurants I would have been too tired to blog — for better or worse. And yes, I recalled your mentioning how tough it was to write on the road and decided to take up the challenge. For better or worse.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I hope the Hotel Harmonie is living up to your expectations, it’s a hard name to live up to. I almost always have a terrible time figuring out how to turn on a shower, college degrees are useless, especially when I forget to put on my glasses, but hey, I never need them at home to take a shower. Happy fressing meine Freundin! And remember, you’re not lost, just exploring new territory.

    • Edie Jarolim says:

      The Hotel Harmonie is great, mystery showers and outlets notwithstanding. Although not evident from the first two pictures — when I left it back in the hotel room –your gift camera has been super too.

  3. Jill Kornmehl says:

    Vienna is a foodie town! It looks like Freud was surrounded by Kornmehl family members, including the butcher in his building. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your trip adventures in the days to come.

    • Edie Jarolim says:

      Very true, Jill — though seeing the shops/buildings gives rise to yet more mysteries! To be continued…

  4. this is so much fun, I’m learning lots here, and on your Freud’s Butcher facebook page – my neighbor just gave me a bottle of his private label wine made from the grapes in his yard, and it was Gruner Veltliner! Suddenly I could knowledgeably exclaim, Ah, Vienna!!
    Diane Schmidt recently posted..Students for Justice in Palestine defeated again at University of New MexicoMy Profile

  5. Anna Redsand says:

    You sound intrepid!
    Anna Redsand recently posted..Plurality on EasterMy Profile

  6. Anna Redsand says:

    Oh, & I have a wonderful magnetic bumper sticker on my frig to remind me, “The best way to find something new is to get lost.” From a favorite site:
    Anna Redsand recently posted..Plurality on EasterMy Profile

  7. karyn zoldan says:

    It sounds so smooth, almost like silk. And the food — OMYG! Glad you are enjoying yourself.

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