Funny Freud Friday: Rock & Roll Edition

Funny Freud Friday: Rock & Roll Edition

What sound track does the name “Sigmund Freud” conjure in your mind? At first, I was thinking  a Viennese waltz, but that’s a little too calm and, well, schmaltzy for a man who dealt in inner turmoil. Perhaps it’s fitting, then, that most of the bands I found that incorporate the name of the father of psychoanalysis are hard-rock oriented; one plays contemporary jazz. None explain why they chose to stand behind a Freud banner.

I’ve listened to songs — or parts of them — by all these bands, and they don’t speak to me but maybe I’m less angsty and rebellious then I was in my rock ‘n’ roll-listening heyday. It’s also entirely possible, of course, that they suck.

I’m not posting videos, just links to their sites. You decide.

Stockholm, Sweden: Paperback Freud

Paperback Freud describe themselves as “a five piece rock’n’roll machine that lives and breathes classic hard rock. With a notorious explosive live show and one simple vision: to make the best damn rock’n’roll ever!”

The Rock and Roll Report agrees:

When I first heard Raise It Up the Flagpole by Stockholm, Sweden’s Paperback Freud and that absolutely demonic laugh in the middle of the song, I immediately wanted to drive my car at high speed with music blaring on the car stereo while flipping the bird to anybody that crossed my path, such is the effect on me of these guys’ embrace of true rock and roll raunch.

Kastoria, Greece: Summer of Freud

They say that they are:

… a pop / punk-rock band… founded in 2003 when members wanted to transform youthful madness into something creative! Their influences were especially many American bands of the same style like Blink 182, Green day, New found glory etc.

Over the years SUMMER OF FREUD have been performing live almost in every bar and stage in Kastoria like Stardust, Rock tale, Blue note, Daydin and at music festivals such as River party, Golden Appe, Ardas Festival etc.

Here’s a link to Summer of Freud’s YouTube channel. And here is a Tweet of theirs in Greek: Συνέντευξη SUMMER OF FREUD: ‘Punk rock για εμάς είναι πιο ελεύθερη και με λιγότερο άγχος στάση ζωής

Anyone want to venture a translation?

Gdansk, Poland: Pink Freud

This contemporary jazz group is the most popular of all the Freud cover bands if their Twitter presence is any indication; they have more than 115,000 followers (as opposed to Summer of Freud’s 483).

One city guide listing said of an appearance in Gdansk:

Despite the daft name, this is one of the most original bands on Polish modern jazz scene, playing songs with a hint of 60s and 70 old skool, but with a dash of the electronic added for good measure. Jazz Forum voted them best Polish jazz act and who are we to argue?

A commenter on YouTube offered this assessment of Pink Freud’s Jazz Fajny Jest:

The farty sounding synth or whatever sounds great, the tune is indeed a cross between Bitches Brew and a Humpback Whale with flatulence but in a good way….

Who am I to argue?

Here’s a link to the Pink Freud site.

West Virginia, United States: Freudian Slap

I can’t find very much information on this band. According to their site, “Freudian Slap is Danielle, Josh and Susan. We like to switch playing guitar and drums and singing lead vocals throughout our songs.” I think they are fairly new.

The Urban Dictionary defines a Freudian slap this way:

When you accidentally touch someone else’s body in an inappropriate way, such as if your hand touches someone else’s butt while walking. Often leads to embarrassment and awkwardness for both people.
*Naomi and Nicky walking along, Nicky’s arm swings too far and hits Naomi’s butt*
Nicky: Oh god, I’m sorry!
Naomi: Freudian Slap!
I have no idea if this is the source of the band’s name. I never heard the term, but maybe they did.

8 Responses to Funny Freud Friday: Rock & Roll Edition

  1. Kristine says:

    If the album covers are anything to go by, none of these bands are dull. I am not entirely sure Gene’s Beer Garden is a place I’d like to hang out, however.
    Kristine recently posted..Sounds Guaranteed to Bring a SmileMy Profile

    • Edie Jarolim says:

      Agreed. I think the one I would most like to hear live is the Swedish one. And, yes, Gene’s Beer Garden seems a little raunchy.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with a little Freudian Slapping between friends now & then 😀
    Karen Friesecke recently posted..Dog A Day Project – One Of These Is Not Like The OthersMy Profile

  3. Clare says:

    Okay, daft, but I admit the name “Pink Freud” gave me a chuckle.

  4. Auto Parts Manufacturers in India says:

    Songs on band like are on rocking way and it is best idea listen swedish. What are the many ways by which we can make Funny Freud Friday more funny.

  5. Hens Night says:

    Amazing series of songs. I like it very much!!

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