Grief, Food, & Nudity: A Story About My Mother & My New Book

Grief, Food, & Nudity: A Story About My Mother & My New Book

Not long after my father died, I went to Martinique with my mother. I remember three things about that trip.  My mother’s grief. The profiteroles. And the topless beach.

Grief, food, and nudity

My mother was in a raw stage of mourning, subject to fits of literal wailing. But no one in my family was ever too upset to eat, especially dessert. And Martinique is a French island, with the associated cuisine — thus my profiterole memory.

Betcha can’t eat just one profiterole

Also–my mother loved the beach. When I was growing up, we didn’t have the money for air travel and we didn’t have a car, but I never felt deprived. We spent our summers at Brighton Beach Baths in Brooklyn. My parents would play cards while I hung out with my girlfriends, giggling over cute lifeguards and sneaking smokes behind the paddleball courts. My butt still has sense memories of the itchy faux-straw seats on the BMT subway line. 

My mother loved the beach and she was European — which meant that her attitude about nudity was not as prudish as that of most of the American-born parents I knew. She had no problem with the fact that, at the first stretch of shore we visited in Martinique, many of the women were topless. She had on a one-piece bathing suit and, anyway, thought she was too old to be baring her breasts. She nevertheless encouraged me to remove my bikini top if I wanted to.

Not me and my mother and not Martinique

Not me and my mother and not Martinique

I was no prude but was taken aback by my mother’s suggestion; she was was very, very strict about my dating life. Still, I went along. It felt naughty at first and a little odd — I was, after all, with my mother — but, after a few minutes, it felt natural.

Not natural enough for me to want to become a nudist, however.

Which brings me to my new book.

Dedicated to my mother


My new book is really an old book, started long before Freud’s Butcher — and blogging — were a gleam in my eye. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that several of my newfound family members contributed to, I was finally able to finish and publish Getting Naked for Money: An Accidental Travel Writer Reveals All.

The book’s title is based on the fact that I got an assignment to go to a nudist resort — undercover and uncovered — by More, a recently folded woman’s magazine.

What about you? Would you take your clothes off on a nude beach — or go to a nudist resort? Would you do it if someone paid you? Follow this link, answer that simple question (yes or no is fine), and you’ll automatically get a chance to win a copy of this book. Subscribe to and you’ll get an additional chance to win.

Good news: There are e-books available, so you don’t have to live in the U.S. to enter.

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Of course, if you just want to buy the book, that’s fine too. See the link to your left. Do it for my late mother. Make her posthumously proud of her best-selling if somewhat trashy daughter. 


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